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In a few weeks, I'll reach the fifth anniversary of Baracksdubs.

Five years of crawling through thousands of Obama's speeches to make him sing only the best songs humanity has to offer.
And it's been crazy.

You loved it. (250 million views)
The news loved it. (1000s of articles)
The artists loved it. (almost every artist whose songs we dubbed has talked about it)
Even Obama watched the videos.
I have huge plans for the future of the channel, and it goes much further than Obama singing everything.

Baracksdubs is an example of video remix-- taking existing videos and editing them into something totally new. Remix breathes new life into old content.
But I can only go so far doing this as a hobby.

Most of my videos get copyright claimed, so I don't get much ad revenue. On top of that, ad revenue is already low anyway.
So I'm looking for ways to keep this going. And that means asking you for help.

For now, I'm exploring using Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that enables fans like you to support me..

..with rewards in return for your support.

The idea is if we can only rely on you guys and no one else to keep going, we are in the best place to make the best things for you guys. It’s an opportunity to engage with you guys, learn about what you want, involve you guys in our future, and make great experiences for you guys.
So today, I want to get a better idea of what you would want in return for helping keep us going.

I'll give you a reward I'm thinking of, and you tell me how interested you are and how much you would give for it if you're interested enough.

Even if you don't think you'll want to support us, keep going! I want to hear your ideas either way.
Just Supporting, No Rewards *

How much would you pay for Just Supporting, no Rewards? *

Access to a Private Update Feed *

You'd be the first to know about upcoming videos and other exclusive info.

How much would you pay for Access to a Private Update Feed? *

Download All Our Music *

How much would you pay to Download All Our Music? *

Access to a Private Facebook Group *

Talk to other fans of Baracksdubs. This could be people who love our channel, people who love remix, and people who make their own content and remixes.

How much would you pay for Access to a Private Facebook Group? *

Vote for a Future Video *

Monthly, I'll give you 5 options and you vote on the next song. That video is guaranteed to be made, no matter what.

How much would you pay to Vote on a Future Video? *

Livestream *

The ultimate way to learn about what we're doing, get exclusive experiences and previews, and impact the future of the channel. It also gives me a chance to learn about you.

Examples of what could happen here:
-exclusive experiences [or it happens here first], like remix Baracksdubs live or exclusive access to Obama Singing Happy Birthday so you can send it to your friends
-behind the scenes of how I make the videos
-what I'm working on for the channel and beyond
-get your feedback
-and more!

How much would you pay for a Livestream? *

What would you want to see in a livestream? Tell me everything.

A Special Message from Obama *

You'll get a short video from Obama that won't be posted anywhere else.

How much would you pay for a Special Message from Obama? *

Semi-Custom Message from Obama *

Like the last reward, but we can personalize it with a name-- yours, or a friend's.

How much would you pay for a Semi-Custom Message from Obama? *

Totally Customized Message from Obama *

I'll make Obama say anything you want.

How much would you pay for Totally Customized Message from Obama? *

Hide your name/username in one of the clips of each dub *

You can pause the video and show your friend that your name is forever preserved in Baracksdubs history!

How much would you pay for hide your name/username in one of the clips of each dub? *

Producer Credit *

We'll thank you at the end of the video! Obama will say "Thanks to my Patrons for making this video happen!"

How much would you pay for Producer Credit? *

Exclusive Dub *

You'll be the only one to see it.

How much would you pay for an Exclusive Dub? *

I'll Make Sing Any Song You Want *


How much would you pay for Any Baracksdub You Want? *

If you could have anything for supporting Baracksdubs, what would it be?

Give me as many ideas as you want! If you're not feeling adventurous, just skip this question.
What would you want for giving us $1?

Would you consider supporting us? *

If you answered no, why not?

Bonus questions: What's your favorite thing about Baracksdubs?

If we did anything with the channel, what would it be?

Who should we make sing in 2017? (pick all that apply) *

Thanks for your time. I love you back!
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